Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Representatives from U.S. Seal Manufacturing, one of the country’s leading suppliers of mechanical seals, visited our headquarters today to brief the Pump Express team on new advances in the application and maintenance of mechanical seals, which are central to the operation of the centrifugal, jet, petrochemical and waste water pumps we sell and repair.

In addition to sharing tips on optimizing mechanical seal function and reliability, U.S. Seal’s Gary Stockslager talked about the effects proper equipment operation, equipment condition and correct seal selection have on seal life.

The big news had to do with lubrication. “Don’t use silicone or Teflon lubricants,” advised Stockslager. “It gets on the seal faces and breaks down the binders.”  What’s better? “A water-based compound like U.S. Seallube’s Pump Seal Lubricant.”

Water-based lubricants evaporate and prevent carbon leaching from the primary mating ring, a seal-destroying problem associated with synthetic lubricants.

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