Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hurricane Sandy hit the ground running just south of Atlantic City on Monday night, racing up the Jersey Shore with 96 mph winds and causing some of the worst damage the Garden State has ever seen. By Tuesday morning New York and New Jersey had been declared federal disaster areas. In an effort to aid the massive restoration effort, Pump Express will deliver sump pumps and dewatering pumps to New Jersey customers free of charge until Friday, November 2.

Pump Express's Bergen County headquarters were spared from major flooding and the company's stock of sump pumps and dewatering equipment remains robust.

"We built up our inventory of primary and battery back-up pumps and dewatering equipment to supply the pre-storm rush and we're now among the few vendors with viable stock as the bailout process begins," says Pump Express Sales Manager Fred Hettinger.

By adding free delivery to remediation services including pump repair and water damage assessment, Pump Express is in league with countless area businesses working to meet the demands of the storm's aftermath.

"Our e-commerce site has remained online and Pump Express has continued to process pump orders as long as the shippers we use have been able to move freight," says General Manager Ed Drejman. "We are committed to helping businesses and residents of the communities we serve in their recovery efforts and will provide free delivery to New Jersey residents for the rest of the week."

Customers in the Tristate area are encouraged to visit Pump Express's sales counter for immediate pick-up whenever possible. 

Pump Express service technicians will be available to troubleshoot dewatering equipment and to test, start-up and repair heating systems experiencing water damage as a result of flooding.

Call the Pump Express Hotline: 1-800-298-4100 or visit our website:

Monday, May 14, 2012


Pump Express now proudly offers Schneider Electric’s Square D line of Specialized Industrial Controls & Equipment to contractors and facilities managers across the Northeast.

The illustrious Square D line of industrial controls and drives, which has facilitated electrical systems across the U.S. and abroad for more than a century, is today widely used in commercial and industrial HVAC applications.

“We’re one of only a handful of distributors in the nation authorized by Schneider to sell and size Square D Specialized Industrial Controls for HVAC and wastewater pumps,” says Pump Express Sales Manager Fred Hettinger, citing our HVAC and wastewater pump system expertise as the linchpin in the new distribution deal.

“Previously a contractor looking for either replacement parts or new controls would have to go to a generic electrical supply house and deal with a counterman who had little or no knowledge in the HVAC and wastewater pump controls market.”

“With Pump Express taking on this line, a contractor is able to deal with an application engineer who is able to identify and determine the proper equipment needed.”

Pump Express system experts are able to size and price Square D industrial controls and retrofit them to other manufacturer’s products, particularly for HVAC pump controls. By taking the guesswork out of repairing or replacing pump controls, Pump Express aims to help contractors and facility managers reduce costs and minimize waste. 

“In a nutshell,” says Hettinger, “this means you’ll get all the right parts, which translates to less downtime in the equipment.”

Watch the Pump Express website for the complete line of Specialized Industrial Controls and Equipment from Schneider Electric Square D including starters, contactors, safety switches, drives, combo starters, enclosures, flow switches, and other industrial controls known for reliability, efficiency and durability.

Call PUMP EXPRESS at 800-298-4100 for Square D line details and sizing information.  
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Monday, April 16, 2012


Pump Express now sizes and sells Pro Series Pumps, a line of high-efficiency sump and sewage pumps that brings industrial-grade performance to the residential market. In addition to being energy smart and cost-effective, Pro Series pumps feature a patented sensor design with a peerless ability to monitor pump and power conditions and sound an alert when a problem is detected. Each model is offered in a good, better and best class tailor-fit to a homeowner's needs. Pro Series' Jack Kuper recently joined Pump Express Parts Expert Dave Perillo to introduce the line to Bergen County clients at a counter day held in our showroom.

For more information visit our website: or call 1-800-298-4100. 

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Monday, March 26, 2012


In addition to stocking a wide range of pumps and pump parts, Pump Express maintains a comprehensive maintenance and repair facility where we offer the full range of machine shop services and carry out expert pump and motor diagnostics.

General Manager Ed Drejman recently led this tour through the area, where we test flow and pressure rates on pumps of every size and configuration and digitally assess the conditions of motors ranging from 2 to 100 hp.

With one of the largest parts inventories in the country at their disposal, our expert techs are able to get systems determined to be faulty up and running in the shortest time possible.

For more information on our Northern New Jersey Service Center, visit our website: or call 1-800-298-4100.

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Monday, March 19, 2012


Pump Express was bound to get in the social media game sooner or later. It was an interesting proposition at first, given the old school supply house mentality of much of the industrial and commercial maintenance sector. Our clients and colleagues seemed as likely to maintain subscriptions to GQ as Twitter and YouTube accounts, but with the bulk of our sales coming to us through the web, we were obliged to diversify our on-line presence and broaden our social media activity.

The internet has opened up previously isolated markets and Facebook, TwitterYouTube, and blogs like this one form a digital esperanto that more and more people are using to communicate. In addition to building awareness of our company, we see social media building confidence in our brand. The web-savvy spa owner in Palo Alto and the warehouse maintenance manager in Newark will approach pump issues from different perspectives, but both will connect with Pump Express via the internet. That’s why we strive to extend a welcome mat and engage them – and our peers -- in an informative give-and-take.

Through transparency, meaningful content, and by contributing to the conversations shaping our industry, we have set out to mirror our real world presence in the digital realm. It’s been an exciting process that’s increased sales, created partnerships and helped us to communicate with the larger community we are a part of. Pump Express Sales Manager Fred Hettinger’s recent state-of-the market report for Empowering Pumps, an on-line clearinghouse for information pertaining to the global pump industry, is one example of the useful information that social media can deliver easily, widely and often.

In addition to serving as a portal to an extensive inventory of quality pumps and pump parts from Armstrong, Zoeller, Bell & Gossett, Grundfos, Taco and dozens of other leading manufacturers, Pump Express provides sizing and troubleshooting expertise through the team of trained system engineers who man our help lines and Live Chat windows. Consequently, in addition to our showroom, PUMPEXPRESS.COM acts as our help desk, sales counter and check-out. These areas require a lot of square footage in the real world so devoting comparable resources to our digital space makes sense as we strive to address the new commercial landscape in relevant and effective ways.

For more information visit our website: or call 1-800-298-4100. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


With increasing numbers of property owners looking to minimize maintenance expenditures and maximize usable space, Pump Express -- we are a New Jersey-based national pump distributor -- has aligned with leading pump manufacturers including, Armstrong Pumps, Taco Pumps and Bell & Gossett Pumps, who are introducing smaller, more versatile and efficient pumps for commercial and industrial applications. Pump Express Sales Manager Fred Hettinger has identified several paradigms of compact efficiency and innovation to illustrate the growing less-is-more trend in the pump industry.

© Armstrong
Armstrong Pumps offers what amounts to a “two-fer” with their line of dualArm vertical in-line pumps. This innovative Armstrong commercial booster pump design incorporates two Series 4300 or 4380 pumps in a single casing. The Series 4302 dualArm is designed with split, spacer-type couplings so that the mechanical seals can be serviced without disturbing the pump or motor connections. The Series 4382 dualArm is the economical close-coupled version of this design. Both models feature swing discharge ports that hydraulically separate the casings to prevent recirculation when only one pump operates.

“The great thing about the dualArm pump,” says Hettinger, Pump Express's crack application engineer and a go-to Armstrong Pump supplier in New Jersey, “Is that you get redundancy in the space that one pump would take up, so you’re going to save space.”
© Taco

Taco Pumps designed their KS vertical split-coupled in-line pumps with an eye toward optimum performance, easy installation and trouble-free maintenance. Like the Armstrong dualArm, the Taco KS split-coupled design facilitates changing the seal without disturbing the motor or piping, making for less downtime. The axial load is hydraulically balanced to increase bearing life, deliver better pump efficiencies, and lower HPHS requirements. KS pumps have a Cinderella-sized footprint and fit easily in tight mechanical rooms, a feature further enhanced with optional support stands that simplify installation and maintenance.
“The beauty of the KS Series is that high horsepower pumps like this can be installed in the ceiling and still allow for ease of maintenance,”says Hettinger, an expert in Taco Pump applications long before he became a Taco Pump distributor in New Jersey. “And because the pump is split-coupled, seals can be changed without having to have to try and disassemble a large pump while on top of a ladder.”

© B&G
Bell & Gossett Pumps award-winning VSX Series double-suction, split-case, base-mounted, centrifugal pumps feature multiple suction and discharge flange configurations (VCS, VSCS and VSH) –  an innovation that can reduce overall equipment footprint by up to 40 percent. Other industry firsts incorporated in the VSX Series design include hydraulic matching of the pump impeller and casing, a groutless base plate that significantly reduces labor and material costs during installation and “Plug-n-Play” capability allowing  simple field modifications for mechanical seals, external seal flushing and wireless monitoring.  

“The VSX is just an all-around great product,” says Hettinger from Pump Express's Bergen County headquarters where he is the resident expert on Bell & Gossett VSX Series pumps and other Bell & Gossett pump products. “It gives you all the advantages of all Bell & Gossett’s previous vertical split case models with the great added bonus of a reduced footprint.”

For additional information on these efficient, space-saving pumps, or any of the other pumps and pump parts in Pump Express's extensive inventory, call Fred Hettinger, or one of our other expert application engineers at 1-800-298-4100 or visit our website:

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Thursday, January 12, 2012


There were no caps and gowns but the Pump Express team did receive certification upon completing the two-and-a-half-day Pump School that Pentair Water conducted at our Bergen County headquarters this week. 

Training specialist Bill Corey led a two-day session that focused on the design, sizing, installation and maintenance of MeyersBerkeley and other quality Pentair pumps.

“We want our customers to understand how the pump works so that they can troubleshoot it themselves,” said Cory. “Sizing is one of the main things we teach so that way it’ll be easier to pick the right pump the first time. If you take the time to learn how to size a pump then you'll know how to toubleshoot.” 

The training was a team effort on the part of Pentair staff, culminating in a briefing on key features and new products led by Senior Sales Rep Bill Beyer. 

“We think we have a high-quality product line and we want to make sure its backed by knowledgeable sales people,” said Pentair’s Karl Felland who audited the sessions along with Senior Sales Reps from Pentair’s Midwest and Northeast offices.

Grinder pumps were in the spotlight during what was essentially an abridged version of the Water Training Institute Corey conducts in Pentair’s state-of-the-art Training Center in Delavan, WI., with special attention given to Berkeley pumps. Internationally renowned for high-quality irrigation pumps, Berkeley boosters are widely used in industrial and municipal applications across the Northeast, where many of our sales, service and repair clients are based.

“A lot of customers call me with a model number,” said Pump Express Inside Sales Rep James Rajao. “Now I can generate a formula based on the gallons-per-minute and head height to determine if that pump model is the best fit for their needs.”

For more information on Meyers and Berkeley pumps visit our website: or call 1-800-298-4100.

Photo: Pump Express Sales Reps Dave Perillo and Eddie Drejman with Senior Sales Rep Bill Beyer and Nat’l Business Manager Karl Felland of Pentair. 

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